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    Modicare Foundation

    Modicare Foundation was set up by Mr. Samir Modi in 1996 with the commitment to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS, enhance awareness and erase the myths and misconceptions surrounding it. Since then the Foundation has grown considerably and currently implements four diverse programs in order to address the concerns in the field.

    The primary goals have been to provide individuals and organizations with a supportive platform in order to:


    • Strengthen the resolve to combat AIDS.
    • Reduce the suffering and remove the stigma surrounding PLWHAs (People Living with HIV & AIDS).
    • Promote the means of spreading awareness about the infection and its treatment.
    • Advance the underlying desire to make a difference.


    Mr. Samir Modi, Vice Chairman of Modicare Foundation is one of the few business leaders who took a lead role in not only establishing  an organization to undertake focused work for HIV/AIDS prevention, but also established some key ‘first time initiatives’ by any industrial houses, which are as follows:

    • Began in- house workplace awareness program for the company’s countrywide employees and consultants.
    • Initiated and implemented ‘The Modicare HIV & AIDS policy’. This was done when not many corporate houses had thought of this.
    • Reaching out to the underprivileged through a unique sponsorship program.
    • Active member of CII, FICCI, Global Business Coalition against HIV & AIDS (GBC) and World Economic Forum’s India Business Alliance.
    • Has established the Foundation as a lead agency for workplace intervention and school HIV/ AIDS Program.
    • Has established partnerships with international agencies to take the program further.

    Since its inception, the Foundation has worked actively to achieve its set goals, focusing on awareness generation amongst target populations, empowerment and capacity building of various individuals, organizations and institutions. The aim has always been to provide accurate non- threatening information and develop life preserving skills within an environment that enables and promotes healthy and low risk behaviours.

    Today the Foundation is recognized for its quality programs and reaching the unreached.

    Currently the Modicare Foundation implements several programs in order to address concerns in diverse fields.




    1. To work with diverse target groups at their workplaces and residential colonies

    2. To constantly innovate new programs approaches for an effective implementation

    3. To work in close cooperation with other like minded organizations

    4. To work with PLWHAs (People Living with HIV &AIDS).

    5. To assist other organizations to build their capacity for programs on women’s empowerment.


    A.  Workplace HIV/AIDS Intervention Program (2000  onwards)

    The Foundation works as a technical resource agency helping companies (private & public sector undertakings) formulate and implement a comprehensive HIV & AIDS Program based on ILO Code of Practice.

    The Workplace Intervention Program which started in 2000 administering KABP surveys, encourages awareness generation, peer education to promote behavior change, condom promotion and distribution, training of doctors on STI diagnosis and m anagement, HIV & AIDS clinical management and voluntary counseling and testing, HIV&AIDS policy development and community initiatives.

    Modicare Foundation since the last 8 years has been implementing successful intervention programs with public (Govt. run) and private sector companies in and around Delhi and Mumbai. In Delhi, the PSUs (Public Sector Undertakings) where the program was implemented are- Delhi Transport Corporation and Fire Brigade. We have successfully implemented a project for Delhi Metro Rail Corporation for the migrant workers working on their construction sites.

    In Mumbai we have worked with Fire Brigade and BEST. Some of the private sector companies across India we have been working with are – Jindal Iron & Steel Ltd (Tarapur & Vasind), Jindal Stainless Ltd (Hissar & Jajpur), Godrej, Blue star, Indofil Chemicals, Nike Shoes, Polar Group, Moja Shoes, JCB, Sandhar,  ITC, Technova Graphics, Colgate, Fortis Healthcare Ltd etc, MphasiS, Tata Consultancy Services etc.

    The Foundation has been associated with various wings of the Armed Forces (Indian Army, Airforce and Navy) and has developed tools and conducted awareness and peer education sessions with them. These sessions were appreciated and well received by the Armed Forces personnel.

    B. Ambassadors of Change Program (Life Skills Program for Adolescents) -1997 onwards

    Initiated in 1997, Modicare Foundation works with adolescent boys and girls, as we believe that they are the building blocks of a healthy and well- adjusted society. The aim of the program is to encourage adolescents to make informed choices related to growing up and HIV/AIDS, enabling them as well as their environments. In addition, the program aims to develop life skills like empathy, self awareness, interpersonal relationships, effective communication, critical and creative thinking, problem solving, decision making, coping with stress and dealing with emotions as adolescents make the transition from childhood to adulthood. The Foundation has trained more than 50,000 adolescents through this programme.

    Regular sessions are conducted with adolescents in government and public schools, colleges using methodologies that are interactive, creative, fun and inspiring. Workshops and trainings are also conducted with teachers and parents, who as mentors and guides, are in positions to influence their adolescent’s thoughts and behaviors.

    Based on its successful program, the Foundation has published a training module titled ‘Demystifying Adolescence- Bhujo, Jano, Samjho’. Parts of this module have been used by the Delhi Govt. for their publication YUVA Handbook- Life Skills Education Guide Book.

    Trainers of the Foundation are National trainers (trained by NACO) for HIV&AIDS and have conducted training program to state master trainers in several states of India.

    C. The Sponsorship Program (1997 onwards)

    Initiated by the Modicare Foundation in 1997, provides medical and nutritional support to people infected with the virus and their families. Presently, 10 positive people are being supported through the program. In addition, the Foundation also attempts to sensitize corporate organizations, encouraging them to become active sponsors and participants in the program. 

    Modicare Foundation has also established Support Groups of People living with HIV&AIDS (PLWHAs) in order to provide psychosocial support to people infected with HIV as well as their families.

    D. Voluntary Counseling and Testing Center (2002 onwards)

    Voluntary Counseling and Testing Center established by the Modicare Foundation in collaboration with MAMC (Maulana Azad Medical College) and D-SACS ( Delhi State AIDS Control Society) at the Lok Nayak Hospital, a government facility located in New Delhi, provides a safe space where people can obtain information on HIV. Started in October 2002, the Center was born out of a need that emerged from the Foundation’s interventions at the workplace and with sex workers. Since its inception, the center has worked with approximately 8000+ cases and is rated to be one of the best VCTC with trained professionals managing it.

    The VCTC is linked closely with the Foundation’s support and sponsorship program to which the counselors refer reactive clients for medical and psycho- social intervention. The center is also linked with the ARV clinic at the hospital from where clients can obtain referrals and access medical treatment.

    E. Care and treatment of children (2007 onwards)

    With the support of Clinton Foundation, Modicare Foundation worked as Coordinating Agency for 5 Delhi based NGOs on the National Pediatric Program. This was implemented for linking infected children to government ART centers for CD4 cell estimation, pre- ART evaluation and administering ART/OI drugs as required.

    Now, the Foundation is carrying out the sponsorship program with these children on its own by raising funds from like minded individuals.

    G. Working with construction workers at Gurgaon- Sohna Road (2007 – 2009)

    With the support of Confederation of Indian Industries (CII), Indian Business Trust for HIV & AIDS and SREI, Modicare Foundation has launched a project for the construction workers working with the construction companies on the Gurgaon Sohna Road. This 1 & 1/2 years project aims to reach out to more than 20,000 workers for generating awareness of HIV & AIDS , STIs and to reduce the morbidity & mortality of AIDS for the same. In order to achieve the objectives, the intervention will be carried out with the strategies like Behaviour Change Communication (BCC), Resource Centre, developing linkages for STIs clinics (Sexually Transmitted Infections) and VCTCs (Voluntary Counseling Testing Centres) in Gurgaon and Delhi.

    H. Rajiv Gandhi Foundation Project: Life Skills Education Program for Peer Educators (2007-2009)


    Modicare Foundation, based on its expertise, experience and program, took on a project through which it proposed to work closely with 20 NGOs in NCR and Delhi region.  Through this program Foundation proposes to reach out to 2400 Peer Educators through 300 master trainers of 20 NGOs at 10 different locations. The project was funded by Rajiv Gandhi Foundation. The objectives of the Life Skills Program were to enable adolescents to understand and accept physical, emotional and mental changes that occur during adolescence and to equip adolescents with the skills that enable them to make informed choices.


    I. Empowering Women through Gender Resource Centre (GRC) (2008 onwards)

    Recognizing the strength of the Foundation, the Government of N.C.T. of Delhi has appointed Modicare Foundation as a "Mother NGO" to facilitate monitoring and supervision of the activities and functions of various GRCs located in the different parts of Delhi. These GRCs are envisaged as an instrument to bring social, economic and legal empowerment of women particularly those belonging to the underprivileged sections of the society.


    J. SWAYAM (Sept 2008 onwards)


    Modicare Foundation is currently managing a Targeted Intervention project named “SWAYAM” started from September 2008 to work with MSM in the North district of Delhi. The programme is funded by D-SACS (Delhi-State AIDS Control Society) with a goal to improve the sexual health of males who have sex with males and reduce the chances of STI and HIV infection among this target group. Program area is Sarai Rohilla and its surrounding areas. An office cum drop in centre (DIC) is set up which would provide MSM friendly health services and promoting condom usage among the target groups along with disseminating correct and complete information about various issues related to HIV  & AIDS. The programme envisages improving heath seeking behavior of MSMs through reduced practice of high risk sexual activities.


    K. REVAMP (June 2008 onwards)


    Modicare Foundation has developed a new partnership with CARE India Trust with the support of NACO (National AIDS Control Organisation) to implement a project call REVAMP (Reducing Vulnerability of AIDS among Migrants Population) in three potential sites of South Delhi. The project has started w.e.f 1st June,2008 and will cover 25,000 single circular migrants in a year. The primary objective of this project is to increase awareness of HIV& AIDS, decrease risky sexual behaviours, and create demand for services among migrants.



    ·   The State AIDS Control Societies.

    ·   Government Departments

    ·   Chambers of Commerce (e.g. FICCI, CII, BCCI).

    ·   NGOs working on HIV &AIDS.

    ·   We also network with ILO India country office, National AIDS Control Organization, Global Business Coalition on HIV & AIDS and World Economic Forum.



    • Committed Chairman and strong corporate back up.
    • Professional approach to Social Development.
    • Potential & dedication to sustain current programs.
    • Effective execution of projects.
    • Effort at innovation.
    • Professionally trained staff.
    • Diverse programs addressing the needs of different target groups.
    • Offices in Delhi & Mumbai.


    • Positive Side – coffee table book.
    • Demystifying Adolescence – Bhujo, Jano, Samjho – a training module for school teachers & NGO functionaries.
    • Make the World AIDS Free – used in corporate sector as a hand out (in English and Hindi).
    • Specially created hand outs on basics of HIV &AIDS.
    • Frequently asked questions (FAQs).


    “Thank you for a very inspiring visit. It is good to see the private sector and government working so well together and the combination of counseling and treatment is delivered especially well. This is a model for the companies and the hospitals. I was also very impressed by Modicare Foundation’s work on the metro and in schools. Best wishes for the future.”

    Sir Mark Moody Stuart


    Global Business Coalition for HIV/ AIDS.

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